How To Leave A Review

From your computer…

  • Open iTunes Store (make sure you’re signed in with your Apple ID)…
  • In the search bar on the right, type Michelle Villalobos
  • Click on my show under “Podcasts”
  • Right under the name, click “Ratings and Reviews” and then a little farther down, click “Write a Review”
  • Make sure you choose a star rating and also write a review. It can be short!
  • Click Submit

From the Apple Podcast app on your mobile device

  • Enter the Podcast app
  • Click Search and type the name of my podcast, “Awaken Your Inner Superstar”
  • Click the show under the “Podcasts” section
  • Click the “Reviews” button below
  • Click “Write a Review”
  • Click the number of stars for your rating
  • Add a title to the “Title” section
  • Write a review (it can be short and sweet) in the “Review (Optional)” section
  • Click “Send”
  • Enter your nickname (which will be displayed next to any review your write)
  • Click “OK”

Please note after you click “OK” you will not receive a confirmation. Reviews take up to 48 hours to post so you won't see your post right away.


If you're using IOS and haven’t been able to leave a review please try following this tutorial: