Elizabeth McCormick on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle Villalobos

#71. Elizabeth McCormick – From Badass Pilot To Motivational Speaker

Elizabeth McCormick on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle VillalobosElizabeth McCormick is a total badass! Formerly a U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopter pilot, now she's a prolific motivational speaker and author.

In this interview Elizabeth and Michelle discuss the awesome (and sometimes not so awesome) realities of being a trailblazing woman. You'll hear how Elizabeth became a pilot at a time when there were few other women in that role and the lessons she learned in the process.


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“Everything I do today either takes me closer to [my goal] or it takes me further away because there is no neutrality to momentum.” – Elizabeth McCormick

Show Notes:

  • How determination take you where you want to go
  • How your long-term vision fortifies you for short-term action
  • Why Elizabeth's book is focused on self-leadership
  • How women can claim their power
  • How to transition from your day job to a career in speaking

“We get to choose what we believe. We are the ones who get to determine what assumptions we make, what judgements we make, and what beliefs we hold in the situations that we’re in. And they can either serve us or not.” – Elizabeth McCormick

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“We need to listen to that voice inside of us. I call it the ‘tap on the shoulder’ when something higher is saying: this is not right! This is not it. This is not what you’re supposed to do.”

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