Are you making time for creativity?

When was the last time you made something? Can you remember getting your hands dirty in a pile of clay or writing a short story or painting a picture?

For entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals, making time for creativity can often feel like a luxury. We tend to view our hobbies as just that – hobbies – and have difficulty seeing how they add value to our businesses. But they do. In so many ways.

When you engage in a creative project – purely for the sake of making something – you detach from the need to be perfect. Think about how you engaged in creative play as a kid, before “life” got in the way and you were caught up in the belief that you needed to know everything or have it all “figured out.” When you danced or sang or drew or wrote, nobody expected you to know how to do it “the correct way.” It was enough to be curious. You could try everything without the burden of a results-oriented mindset.

When I work on a creative project, I feel totally free to take risks and make mistakes. Often, those “mistakes” can turn into something really cool, but the product is beside the point – it’s the process of discovery that matters most. When I’m painting a picture or making a piece of jewelry, I’m able to relax and stop stressing about perfection. I’ve taken this mindset into my business and have seen amazing things happen.

As entrepreneurs, we expect our work to give our lives meaning. But when you allow yourself the time to be creative and curious about your hobbies, you come to the work already fulfilled. Think about what might happen if you brought joy to the job every day, instead of waiting for the job to fulfill you?

If you’ve felt a little disconnected from your creative side, ask yourself what would feel like PLAY to you? Then allow yourself the time to engage with that creative pursuit. Let me know what you discover!


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