The Superstar Scoop: Top 5 Effective Coaching Business Models


There are lots of ways to deliver coaching programs, and in this week’s video and article, I'm going to lay out 5 effective and lucrative coaching business models that you can use to grow your coaching business.

The first, most obvious, one is one-on-one coaching, the model people are the most familiar with. One-on-one is the easiest to start because it requires the least amount of technology or production to make happen. You just hop on a call (or meet live, in some cases) with clients and serve them in your area of expertise. Easy breezy. 

The problem with that model is that it can get old quick, especially if you're somebody who doesn't love being on the phone (or in meetings) with people all day long. Also, your revenues are limited by your time – you have to sell more time to make more money. Pretty soon you don’t have time for much else…

Now, there are people who love that kind of business model; I am NOT one of them. Pretty quickly after creating my one-on-one model, I started to get overwhelmed, and even to resent my clients. 

That's why I switched and moved into the second model, a live in person group coaching, or events-based, model. In this kind of model, you serve multiple people at the same time through live gatherings like workshops, seminars, retreats or masterminds. 

A third model is like the above, but virtual. You can deliver your expertise either through an automated system like an online course, or live. So, a virtual live program might look like your whole group gathering on zoom. 

A fourth coaching model is any hybrid of the preceding 2 or 3. For example, you can have a program where you have a little bit of one-on-one coaching, an automated course, and a gathering each quarter.

A fifth model is a more advanced model, for once you’ve really honed your process and your content; it’s a train-the-trainer or certification model. This model involves developing your own unique methodology that you can train or certify others to deliver for you. You can either charge them to learn how to deliver the model so that they can go out and monetize it, or you can pay them to deliver it for you. Either way you're multiplying yourself and that’s a great way to scale big. 


If you’re an expert, consultant or coach and want to build or grow your business using group or live/virtual event models, let’s connect! 

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