The Superstar Scoop: How To Find Your Purpose And Passion In Life

There's nothing like feeling a sense of true purpose and passion, the feeling that what you're doing has meaning and is significant. Conversely, there is much suffering – often unconscious suffering – when we don’t have a clear purpose or passion.

Many years ago, I found myself several years into a career in which I had money, prestige, a fancy title, 2 degrees, a nice car, a closet full of designer clothes and shoes, and most everything I’d always (thought I) wanted – but I was miserable. I struggled to get out of bed in the mornings, and was running on caffeine, alcohol, and lots of adrenaline. I felt lost and tired; ”is this all there is?” was a constant question in my heart. Finally I decided something had to give; that decision marked the beginning of a journey to find meaning and fulfillment. 

Now, 15 years later, I can honestly say I feel happy and fulfilled, heart and soul. But getting here wasn't a straight or easy path. In fact, it was a windy and challenging journey, a journey that started with identifying my purpose and passion. 

In this video, I share 3 exercises to identify your purpose and . But before we get to those 3 things, I just want to share with you a powerful reframe around finding your purpose and your passion. 

You haven't lost anything; you don't need to “find” anything. The idea of finding something implies that it's outside of you waiting to be discovered and that maybe you'll trip over it someday – or maybe you won't. That’s a pretty disempowering way of looking at your passion and your purpose. 

Instead, think of it as choosing instead of finding. The thing about choosing is that you can choose at any moment, you can choose whatever you want at any time. So today on this video, with these exercises, you can choose your purpose and passion – and tomorrow, or a year from now, or 5 years from now, you can choose a different one. You can choose again, and again, and again. When you think about it as choosing, all of a sudden the world is full of possibilities and you can choose anything you want. 

Exercise 1: Fast forward to the end of your life, to what you think it could be like – and don't cop out on this exercise. Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and imagine yourself on your deathbed.

  • What would you say about your life? 
  • What would you want to say about your life? 
  • What would you want others to say about your life? 
  • What is it that if you never did it, you would feel your life was wasted? 

These are powerful questions, and sometimes even painful questions because they force us to think about something that we generally ignore. But these questions and considerations are what bring meaning to life. Life wouldn't mean as much if it went on forever and ever; every moment is meaningful because eventually, there are no more moments.

Exercise 2: A second way to get to your purpose/passion is what some people call the “5 WHYs.” Start with the question: “Why am I on this planet?” or “What am I here to do or create?” That’s your why, part one. Now, look at that answer and go one layer deeper, ask yourself “Why?” Then again, and again, and one last time until you get through 5 Whys. 

By the time you get to your fifth or thereabouts you should be feeling something pretty profound. Watch the video to see this exercise in action – I surprised the person behind the camera and used her to illustrate it. 

Exercise 3: Now, one final way to find your purpose and your passion is to examine what bothers you. Where do you find yourself frustrated and annoyed and angry even? This is one of those examples where anger as an emotion can be very useful because what makes you angry could be something that you can change or heal in the world. Very often our bigger purpose is informed by or inspired by some wound that we’ve personally experienced, and supporting the healing of that wound in others can be very fulfilling. 

I hope this was valuable for you, and encourage you to watch the video for extra details and color. 


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