Food For Thought…

Are you moving so fast that you can barely keep up? I can relate. For the first 20 years or so of my professional life, my schedule was jam packed. There were days when I didn’t stop moving from the minute I woke up to the minute my head hit the pillow. I felt out of control, distracted, overwhelmed and exhausted.

I’d like to tell you I realized the error of my ways, made changes and turned my life around… but it took a MUCH bigger wake up call than that. I hit rock bottom with my personal life, my health and my business to FINALLY get the message that I needed to take back control my life, starting with my time.

Over the past few years, I've made MANY adjustments, and in today's Scoop, I'm sharing 2 ideas / perspective shifts that I could support you in feeling more grace, ease and focus, every day.

  • Consider aligning your schedule with your natural habits.

    I'm somewhat of a night owl, which for years meant sleeping to the last possible minute and then bolting out of bed and straight into action mode — and grabbing a big ole coffee to boot. Every. Freaking. Morning. Then one day I was sharing with my mentor how I struggled with my mornings, and he said “You're your own boss… Why do you need to follow the same schedule as everyone else?” Duh. So I moved my “official” start time for outside calls and meetings to an hour later, and set aside Mondays as MY day for self-care and catch up, which means no client calls, meetings or outside projects. This allows me to feel less pressured on Sundays before the work week starts, and to have more spaciousness in the mornings, even if I stay up too late the night before.

    Food for Thought: What's would it feel like if your schedule fit around your needs and habits, rather than sticking to an arbitrary work day / week schedule (incidentally, one that comes from the industrial revolution and factory mentality)?

  • Create YOUR morning practice.

    For years mentors told me how powerful morning practices were, but I resisted (probably 'cause I was so tired and stressed every morning!) But now that I’m consistent about my practice, I can say that it is the thing that makes the biggest difference in my ability to focus, stay present and feel good in my business and life. The challenge (for me at least) is finding a practice you can STICK to, and that means having discipline AND being flexible and open to new ideas.Right now my practice includes 1) Journaling, 2) Meditation, 3) SRI (Somato-Respiratory Integration), 4) Yoga (some days) and/or 50 squats and 3 1-minute planks, 5) a distraction-free breakfast. A great book to check out on this topic is The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transform Your Life Before 8 AM by Hal Elrod.

    Food For Thought: What's possible if you started every day more grounded, centered, focused and intentional? What are some activities and practices that could help you do that?


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