The Superstar Scoop: How To Create A Group Coaching Program

If you’re currently delivering coaching, consulting, or professional services one-on-one, and you want to grow – without selling more time for money – then this week’s article and video are for you.

Creating a group program is one excellent way to grow and scale – without sacrificing the quality of what you deliver. 

When I migrated from a 1:1 model to a group model, it not only allowed me to leverage my time and generate more revenue (stable, monthly recurring revenue), but it also enabled me to deliver even MORE value to my clients. 

And this was my primary reason for resisting and avoiding group models for so long – I had a mistaken belief that it would be LESS value for my clients. 

The fact is that group models offer an opportunity to tap into a greater source of magic, beyond you: the collective wisdom and energy of a group. 

Groups create and expand accountability, excitement, support, best practices, great ideas, and more. Not to mention, they can help you open up more time for your self care, adventure, and hobbies. 

When I switched to this new model, I essentially got a new LIFE to go along with it. 

Maybe my story will resonate with you… I had operated for years in a one-on-one model, and truth be told, I didn't enjoy it that much. It felt repetitive, like I was doing the same work again and again with different clients. 

The one-on-one model wasn’t a perfect fit for my personality either – I'm an extrovert. I like being around groups of people, I like parties, I like gatherings. Creating a group program was like hosting gatherings, both online and in person, which was exciting and fun. 

If any of this sounds fun and compelling, then I encourage you to go deeper, and also to be prepared for some of the “growing pains” of switching to a group model. 

For starters, some of those growing pains include filling it, marketing it and enrolling people in it. When you shift to a group model, you need more clients. 

Another growing pain is managing the kind of drama and problems that arise in groups. There are all sorts of things that come up that you don't have to deal with when you're doing one on one model. 

Another common problem with group models is retention, which is the number 1 thing that troubles group coaching programs, and was one of my biggest challenges in the first couple of years.

Watch the video for in-depth advice on each of these challenges. 

Overall, the big solution for a group coaching program to really be sustainable over time is to NOT think of it as building a group coaching program, but rather to think of it as building a community, or better yet, building a culture. 

What you're doing is creating a community or culture where people are so strongly bonded, so connected, get so much value from that action, from that relationship that they want to stay for a long time. 

If all you do is create a group coaching program and you think of it as delivering content and transformation, that's great. But what's going to happen is once they're done with the program, it's like, “Thanks, see you!” And what we want to do instead, from a business strategy perspective, is to create something sustainable long term. 

This model lends itself to playing a LONG GAME. 

We want to retain clients not just for 1 year, but for several years. In this moment, I'm in my 6th year with my very first group coaching client; that’s what “the long game” looks like. 

How would you like to set yourself up for 6+++ years of recurring revenue? 

Here are some key considerations. 

#1. The first step to creating a sustainable long-term group community culture model, is to choose an audience you LOVE (and who love you BACK!) That's a foundational element of this long term strategy. 

Think about the clients that you've had the BEST results with, clients who VALUE and APPRECIATE you already. And now think of ONE client who exemplifies ALL of that. Your biggest fan, who you also love working with the most. 

That’s your ideal “AVATAR” (watch the video to go more in depth here).

#2. Once you’re clear about WHO you want to bring together, next think about what is the client journey you want to take them on, and how are you going to lay that out over the course of the length of the program. Note: I highly encourage a one-year program length for your biggest big back end type of program.

#3. Another thing to carefully consider is the PRICE of your program. Most people tend to undercharge for group programs, thinking they are somehow LESS valuable than 1:1. However, in my book, a group model is MORE valuable than a 1:1 because you’re tapping into the “magic” of a group. 

If you’ve given good though to the journey and outcome, base your price on THAT. Instead of focusing on how many calls and sessions or events, focus on what’s the value of being a part of the JOURNEY and the COMMUNITY. 

Watch the video for an example of this from my own business. 

#4. YOU’RE evolving too. Since you’re not just selling a bunch of things and techniques and modalities and events and calls, you’re leading a culture, and so part of the beauty of this type of work is that you will transform in the delivery of it, in the leading of it. 

Over time, you will receive information about things you like or don't like. I highly encourage you to stay really present and available for those feelings. Like the feeling of maybe frustration or resentment or “I don't want to be on this call” or “I don't want to do this event.” Noticing so you can adjust and course correct. 

#5. Finally, pay attention to the clients and what they're telling you, their feedback so you can course correct for them too. You can have discussions, send surveys, have check points along the way where you’re getting information from clients.

Business needs to evolve – now more than ever! So don’t buy into the fallacy that you need to have it all figured out to get started. Just get started!! 

“Imperfect action” is the name of the game. 


If you are interested in developing your own group program, and want my guidance, let’s have a chat!! 

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