The Superstar Scoop: 3 Easy Exercises to Find Your Higher Purpose

There's nothing like feeling a sense of purpose. When we have purpose, everything has more meaning, more color and more joy.

This week’s article and video are about claiming your higher purpose so you can experience more joy, more fulfillment and more pleasure in your business and in your life.

This topic is important to me because for so many years (decades, really), I lived my life without purpose. My primary focus was to succeed, to achieve, to win, to compete, to make money, and to get promotions. But all of those things were about ME. MY success, MY achievement, MY outcomes.

Purpose is about living and working for something bigger than just us. In fact, purpose is all about contribution.

Your purpose is WHY you do what you do, and what makes it valuable to humanity or to the planet in some way. And it’s not always something you FIND, but rather something you CHOOSE.

Like many people, maybe even you, I used to think my purpose was something that would (or should) fall in my lap, with a big, obvious THUD. I'm HERE!!!! 

I even remember scenarios where I would meet somebody who was really purpose-driven and clear about what they were contributing to the world, and feeling envious, like “Wow, you're so lucky because you found your purpose…” (subtext: “and I haven't found mine yet.”) Boo hoo.

I related to my purpose as something that once I found it, or it found me, then my life would magically reorganize and fall into place… and in the meantime, until that happened, well, I was just going to trudge along and chug along and live my life the way I was living it.

I finally woke up to the fact that I could keep waiting around for my purpose to find me, or I could just CHOOSE it. Right now. And maybe it's the “right” purpose, maybe it's the “wrong” purpose, I don't even know, but I'm going to declare myself for something.”

That decision – that CHOICE – precipitated the chain of events that led me to here, with you, today, with the purpose of SUPERSTAR ACTIVATION. To help smart, influential, creative people like YOU (AKA: Superstars!) tap into your gifts and passion, to contribute something of value to the world (without sacrificing health, lifestyle or relationships in the process).

And in doing this work, I’ve discovered 3 very simple ways to get at your purpose, or refine your purpose.

  1. The first method I didn’t invent myself; I heard it many years ago and can't give credit where it's due (my apologies to the IP angels!!). This way is to fast forward to the end of your life. You've passed away, and your funeral will be taking place. All your family, friends and others who loved you will gather. Think of the people sitting at your funeral – what would you want them to hear and remember about who you were in your life? What would you want your obituary to say? Write it down. This will give you clues to your purpose. For an example of this approach, watch the video above.
  2. The second way to do it is to just, write down what you think your purpose might be. Your very first attempt at a purpose statement. Then ask yourself “why?” Why do you want to contribute THIS particular thing? Write that down. Then ask why AGAIN, and write that down… Keep going, keep asking “why?” until you simply can’t go any deeper. After 5 or 6 times, you’ll probably have something that resonates deeply for you as a purpose. (Bonus points if you’re in tears, that’s a GREAT sign). Watch the full video to hear an example of using this format.
  3. The third way, if the first 2 don’t seem to be getting you anywhere is to consider what angers you or seriously bothers you in the world? What do you see as unjust, where you feel frustration? Sometimes the “way in” is with the NOT wanting. Then let's flip that. What would be the opposite of that thing? To see an example of this, watch the full video.

I hope this video and article got you thinking about YOUR purpose, and I’d LOVE to hear more about it. Feel free to post a comment here or on the video page in YouTube.


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