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The Superstar Scoop: How To Host A Virtual Event on Facebook


Hosting a Facebook event can be a fantastic way to reach your audience – if you know a few tricks to turn a regular Facebook Live into a top-notch virtual experience.

Keep reading for the “Cliff's Notes” or watch the video below for the whole thing.

The issue we face when hosting an event via Facebook Live is that the Platform feels very basic when it comes to virtual events.

The solution?

Host the event on Facebook but with a much better interface somewhere else!

The interface makes a huge difference not only for just the event but the way that you run and control all areas of the interaction during the event.

There are a few different platforms that you can use that I think are more effective and more beneficial than hosting live into Facebook.

Here are my favorites:

  • Be.Live – This is as easy as pressing “Start Broadcast”! You just follow the instructions to connect your camera and connect your Be.Live to Facebook and your all set.
  • StreamYard – This one of my new favorites. Just visit the website, click “Get Started' follow the instructions. One of the coolest things about StreamYard is you can see comments from Facebook right in StreamYard in real time (rather than having to click back and forth to monitor both).
  • Zoom – By now everyone is using Zoom all the time, so it's an easy option. On the bottom right of your Zoom screen, click “More” and select “Live On Facebook.” You have the option to share to personal, group, business page etc. Choose which one you prefer, then click “Next.” Once you're connected, the beauty of this platform is that you have the options now to bring on guests, have panel discussions, do screen shares, and more!

Promote Your Event

The promotion of your event will all depend on the type of event you will be hosting.

If you will be selling tickets then you might want to consider using a tool like Eventbrite to get people to register in advance. Eventbrite has great integrations with FB so it's useful for helping to spread the word via your attendees to their friends and contacts.

If you're doing a free event, consider doing Facebook live announcements and going live weekly or more to build up your presence and the momentum around your live events there.


Once your event has concluded, an important element that can sometimes be overlooked is post-production.

You can go back and edit the video to cut out anything superfluous or irrelevant after-the-fact. Editing the recording gives you the opportunity to create a cleaner version that you can repurpose for YouTube, your Podcast, or even your website. You can also use the recording to run FB ads!


I hope this was helpful for you and look forward to connecting. If you want to learn more about my programs and products, visit www.SuperstarActivator.com. 

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