Michelle Villalobos

The Superstar Scoop: How To Build Yourself As A Brand

Contrary to popular opinion. Your brand isn't what you think it is, or even what you want it to be.

Your brand is what everyone else thinks it is; what people say when you're not around. 

That's your brand.

If you want to take charge or your brand, and craft something that is authentic to you, and attracts clients and opportunities, here are some essential strategies to do it.

Following these steps will help you take control of your brand, positioning you as the master of your brand rather than waiting for the world to decide what it is for you.

Branding is essentially the process of moving from being a commodity to being a celebrity. While a commodity faces tremendous competition, there’s no substitution for a celebrity, which means being less accessible and more of a “premium” brand

Commodities are common, readily available, easily exchanged. For example, in the medical industry, a general practitioner is a commodity. No matter your location or income you can usually find a general practitioner for your needs.

Then there are “celebrity” doctors.  Those who are sought after for their expertise and who can charge much more for their services due to their knowledge and distinction.

So, what does it take to go from a commodity to a celebrity in your brand and area of focus?

It takes two MAJOR elements: Specialization and Differentiation

Specialization– This is where you are specializing in one main area of focus. You have narrowed down your expertise to one specific niche and you excel at it. 

The challenge that I find a lot of entrepreneurs face if they sometimes become fearful in specializing. They shrink from the idea of focusing on one one area with the thought if they do, they will end up closing other doors. 

However, when you specialize you generally make it easier for someone to find you, and it’s easier to be “top of mind” for something in particular than for something general  

Changing your focus and making the decision to specialize can be the shift that makes YOU be the first person people call to solve a specific issue, or generate a specific outcome.

Especially with the internet and online marketing, it can make it much easier for your to be found for your special niche.

Differentiation is very about alignment, and about asking yourself questions such as: “What are my CORE values?”, “What am I committed to delivering to the market?” and “How do I want to be in this space?”

By defining your core values and what outcome your service provides, you can find what sets you apart and what differentiates you from the rest.

When people start to pay attention and they start to see your unique contributions and expertise, THIS is where you start to move out of the commodity and into the celebrity and become a brand that people talk about and refer others to

For specific examples of this, watch the video where I share some celebrity vs. commodity case studies




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