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The Superstar Scoop: How To Find The Right Business Coach

Having the right business coach can be a pivotal element in the structuring of your business, and ultimately its success.

Not every coach is right for every person. Keep reading below to get the 5 steps to help you find the perfect coach for YOU, or watch the video for a more detailed approach to this topic. 

“The 5 D’s”, will guide you through the process of finding the right coach and get the most out of your coaching experience. 

#1 – Define

The first strategy to finding the right coach is to Define exactly what it is you are looking for. 

Business coaching is a very broad industry with many different niches. There is business coaching, money coaching, mindset coaching, personal development coaching, branding and marketing coaching… and the list goes on. 

Ask yourself “What type of coach will serve me and my business best?” Consider what areas of expertise your ideal coach must have, what skills would be helpful, and whether there is a specific industry in which they might specialize to best serve you. 

Another question might be: “What works best for me and my personality?” Some people do best when someone challenges them and pushes them to take action. Some do better with a more nurturing and gentle approach. 

Another area to define is the structure within which you wish to be coached. Some coaching formats are:

  • One-on-one coaching – just you and your coach, no one else.
  • Group coaching – my favorite, not just from a practitioner perspective but from a client results perspective. This is what I deliver, and what I participate in myself. 

Now, many people will initially go for one on one coaching with the premise that you are receiving more from your coach. Whereas, in my experience, group coaching is actually more beneficial, because in group coaching you have a whole community of people that are helping you stay on track. 

So, defining your ideal coach and coaching situation is the first strategy you want to pin down on your way to finding the best coach for you.


Do your homework! Research, set up interviews, and start narrowing down your coach search. This might mean going online and letting your fingers do the walking, and it also might look like asking other people. Consider connecting with successful people who have the kind of businesses that you want, to see if they have a coach or can recommend one. 

Here are some great places to start your search:

  • YouTube: This is a place where you can discover if somebody has the expertise you're looking for. 
  • LinkedIn:  Most coaches have the word “coach” in their professional headline and so you can do a search for coaches and you can even narrow that search down to certain industries, certain markets, and certain geographical areas as well. 
  • Google: Just do a good ol’ google search. Search the keywords you are looking for (Example; “ Business Strategy Coaches”) and see what you find.

#3 – Discuss 

Have a conversation. Once you have narrowed down your search, reach out to the coach themselves and maybe even with their clients. Use this time to get your questions answered and really get into the details of what you need. 

Some great example questions can be:

  • “What  kind of expertise do you have in this industry?”
  • “What kind of success rate do your clients have?”
  • “Can  I talk to some of your clients?”
  • “Can you share with me some of their stories?” 
  • “Do you  have something that I can test out to get started?”

#4 – Delve

Delve is where you dive into this coach's services to get a firsthand experience. I recommend starting with a small commitment like a do-it-yourself course or a workshop or a seminar, or something that can help you get a deeper experience of that coach, without hiring them for their full package.

Most coaches have some sort of jump start or “dip your toe in the water” way to start to get to know them. That's what I do, and what I recommend my clients who are coaches do, and hopefully the ones you're interviewing do that too.  

#5  Decision  

Now you're ready to make a commitment. 

This is the culmination of all the discovering, defining, discussing, and delving. Once you've discovered the right coach for you and your business, the one who has the right skills, the right expertise, and has case studies and success stories of people like you. you go ALL IN.

Once you decide, I recommend “going for it” and making a real commitment. 

When we make a true commitment, when we have skin in the game, and we invest at a high level, my experience is that we tend to show up at a higher level, ready to really grow. 

Consider maybe even investing a little more than you might think you need to, just to make sure that you are all in and you are really going to show up fully for this coaching relationship. Stretch yourself. 

No matter how good a coach is and how much homework you do, if you don't show up  100%, you're not going to get the real results. 


If you're looking for a business coach, and you think maybe I am that person, then let's connect! Go ahead and book a discovery call on my calendar so we can get to know each other.

Just go to superstaractivator.com/go  and I'll see you there!

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