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The Superstar Scoop: How To Sell From The Stage

When speakers sell from the stage – incorrectly – it can come off as pushy or sleazy. I believe this is the primary reason so many speakers take their bow and exit the stage, without ever offering the opportunity for audiences to take the next step.

However, leveraging audiences into back end products and programs can be an amazingly effective to build up additional revenue streams and profits, and – IMHO – is an essential skill for all speakers who want to grow and scale their business. 

I know all the typical tips and tricks around selling – that you have to create scarcity and urgency, that you need to create an atmosphere of desire and FAST ACTION, that you must have an “OFFER STACK,” and that you should sell to EVERYONE that could POSSIBLY buy. And while these tactics may “work,” they often contribute to that “pushy/sleazy” vibe, which I know you don't want, and I know your audiences don't want either. 

So how do you “sell from the stage” in a way that draws people in, rather than turns them off? 

My approach to selling from the stage is different from most of what’s out there, and I think that’s exactly why it works. First off, I believe in relationship building for the long haul, rather than “maximizing conversion” in the short run. 

My goal, and what I’ve built my business around, is for clients to always know they can trust me, and that we will truly serve them – not just SELL them. This creates the pathway for a lasting relationships and a “big back end” which is so much more sustainable than the one-and-done types of sales. 

No matter how amazing your keynote or breakout session is, it will only ever be a small moment in an attendee's life. Simply put, a 90-minute program simply cannot deliver the transformation that a deeper, longer-term program can. That's why making some sort of offer from the stage is so important; it gives people the opportunity to have a much richer experience – while giving you the opportunity to grow your business. 

The end of your 90-minute keynote, breakout, or whatever you deliver is the PERFECT time to invite those who feel called to take the NEXT step. Once you’ve invested time and energy into an audience, and delivered at the highest level, your audience is fully engaged, and there will never be a better time to make an offer.  

However, because we only have a limited amount of time to connect with an audience, convey value, AND make an offer, offers can sometimes feel like pressure (for us and for them) – which is a HUGE turnoff.

So the first thing to do when making offers from the stage, is to get into the right state of MIND. You can do this by remembering that you don’t need to “close” everyone one in the room – if you’re using a “boutique” business model (check out my other videos on that topic), then you only need to enroll the right people who are a perfect fit.

Remember: you don’t need or want everyone to buy what you’re offering, just a handful of the right people. 

Keep the long game in mind, rather than looking to make the quick, easy sale. This can be the beginning of a lasting and beautiful relationship with your clients.

Secondly, you want to deliver a juicy offer!! I personally recommend something that's a “no brainer,” that inspires an easy yes. Crafting an irresistible offer is an entire topic unto itself, so instead of trying to shoehorn it into this post, instead I'll direct you the best resource I've got: a podcast interview I did on Irresistible Offers with my brilliant and talented superstar marketing friend: Dustin Mathews. Click here to listen to that interview.

Something I’ve found works well is to offer everyone in the room something desirable and valuable for free – and then to offer a “VIP version” of that free thing as the sale. This way EVERYONE feels served, and then the people who are REALLY the right fit, self-select up into the higher level offer, and everyone is happy. 

For example, you could offer everyone a free pass to your webinar, and then share that you have a VIP version of that for those who want to also enter a private mastermind or hot seat. This way the more committed and engaged clients “self-select” UP. 

One thing I’ve done successfully is give everyone a free tool kit to further apply what they’ve learned, and then I offer a private session with me “for those who are ultra committed to going further, faster.” If anyone is interested in that, I invite them to meet me in the back of the room, or I give a link to do that (if it’s a virtual event). This way I get to have a more personal conversation with JUST the people who are the most interested. 


If my approach to business and sales resonates with you and you're looking to create more big back end revenue opportunities from your speaking, let’s connect. Visit superstartactivator.com/go and sign up for a discovery call with me.


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