The Superstar Scoop: Does The Law Of Attraction Work (& If So, How?)

If you've heard about “The Law of Attraction” and “The Secret” and have wondered if it’s real or woo-woo BS, then this week’s article and video are for you.

I go into how I personally view and use these principles – and what others often get wrong as they try to explain and apply them.

In order to talk about the real Law of Attraction, we first need to touch on a little bit of science.

Science has shown us that our hearts emit an energetic field that can be measured up to about 3-7 feet from the body (go deeper down this rabbit hole here), and that this field contains waves that carry information (kind of like 5G waves and radio waves carry information) – and that the information these heart waves carry is our emotional state.

In other words, our heart is quite literally an emotion-projecting instrument; and the signal it emits is measurable, detectable by scientific instruments, and also detectable – mostly subconsciously – by humans.

So, we're radiating out an energetic vibration that is the projection of our emotions into the world, and that signal we send out vibrates and resonates with other things in the world – like other people's hearts for example.

If your heart is pumping out LOVE, people feel love – and love comes back to you. If your heart is pumping out HATE, well, hate will be the resonant match.

So, how the law of attraction “works” is not by just thinking the thoughts of what we want, but rather actually feeling the emotions that are aligned with what we want to attract in the world.

In other words, it doesn't do to just think about the fact that we want to attract love into our lives; we actually have to BE love, to EMBODY love. When we embody love, love is naturally attracted back.

Same with abundance. If we're just thinking “I want to be abundant,” “I want to be wealthier,” “I want to have more,” but while we are saying and thinking those thoughts, we’re feeling lack and scarcity, then we’re not going to be a resonant match with abundance, in fact, we’ll most often create further lack and scarcity.

If instead we focus on gratitude and how abundant we already are, and embody abundance, then we project the emotional signal of abundance, which resonates with abundance out in the world and brings more of that back to us.

So… go forth and BE love, BE joy, BE abundant – and you will find more love, joy and abundance in your life.


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