The Superstar Scoop: What is My Personal Brand Statement


How would you like a formula to quickly and easily create a personal brand statement?

You’re in luck! 

A great personal brand statement answers 3 questions. 

  • Who do you serve (and what pain points and problems do they have)?  
  • What do you do for them? 
  • Why do you do it? 

Before I share my brand statement formula (that always works, by the way), I want to dive a little bit deeper into these three areas…

#1 – Who do you serve? This is your ideal audience (a lot of marketers call this your target audience). 

Your ideal audience are the people that you love to work with, and who love to work with you. They are those to whom you can deliver the absolute maximum value. 

It’s helpful to know a bit about them, the most obvious being the audience demographic (age, gender, income, education… you know, the basics), and also the audience psychographics – what they believe, desire and value, for example. 

Most importantly, what is their PAIN? What PROBLEM are they trying to solve? What do they WANT? 

(Watch the video above for a deeper dive into audience pain points and problems).

#2 – What do you do for them? What outcome do you deliver for this audience, and do you have a unique methodology or approach? 

Let’s use an example of weight loss. In weight loss, the problem people have (and admit) is that they want to lose weight. 

The emotional problem (they don’t admit) might be lack of confidence, for example, they may not want to even put on a bathing suit, go to the beach, or do things they love to do because they don't feel good in their body. 

The problem they might not even realize they have is that they may have insulin resistance because they've yo-yo dieted so much they’re metabolism is wonky. 

Now, imagine you have this incredible way of fixing this, which you could call your “XYZ fat burner booster methodology.” Now, that's unique to you, it’s proprietary and special. 

#3 – The third layer is why you do it? What is the bigger, more meaningful outcome you provide to this audience? 

I like to call this: The Cure (as opposed to “The Medicine”).

A lot of times as practitioners as people who are trying to market and sell our services, we can fall so in love with our methodologies and so in love with how we do things that we forget that people don't necessarily need to know all that. 

What they really want to know is “What am I gonna get at the end?” 

The Formula… Putting It All Together

Disclaimer: This is not exactly MY formula. I learned it from a mentor who learned it from a mentor who learned it from a mentor. And as with most things that I do, I've adapted it and shifted it a little bit to work better.

The formula that I like to do is: 

I help X (who), do Y (what), so that Z (why / bigger outcome) 

Example: “I help menopausal women activate fat burning with my unique and proprietary ABC metabolism boosting system, so that they can feel sexy and confident in their bodies again.” 

Here’s mine: “I help speakers, authors, experts, thought leaders and other Superstars monetize their magic so they can make a living while making a difference.”


Hope this article was helpful to you!! If you’re interested in getting some feedback on your Personal Brand Statement and are interested in one of my products or programs, visit to find out more! 


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