The Superstar Scoop: What Is The Purpose Of Coaching And Mentoring

If you're looking to accelerate your personal growth and become a better version of yourself – FAST, mentoring and coaching could be the answer.

Having mentors and coaches has been an absolute game-changer for me in my business and in my personal life, and could be for you too. 

Having guidance and support can: 

  • Help you avoid pitfalls and see blind spots you probably aren’t aware of. 
  • Bring more accountability to your life, to your work, to your business. 
  • Stretch you to think bigger and expand into areas you may never have thought of.
  • Model what you want to be, do and have – and help you get there. 
  • Give you the confidence to take action – when someone believes in you,  big things can happen. 

Ultimately, once I realized the power of mentorship, I got myself a coach in every single area of my life where I wanted to see growth and expansion

If you have watched some of my other videos or have followed me and my work, you know that I had some struggles with my business and personal life in 2014. Mentoring is what helped me move through that challenge – by introducing me to new strategies AND the new mindset I needed to completely redesign my life on MY terms.

That's when things started to unfold and change very quickly…in the right direction!

Now, all these years later, I can attest to the undeniable impact my mentors have had in helping me get to where I am now. For more details on how a mentor can help you, including examples, watch the video above. 

Here’s a quick rundown: 

One area that a mentor can really help you with is avoiding pitfalls that you just don't see coming. Because others can see us from the “outside looking in,” they can see our patterns and behaviors, and when we're “cruising for bruising”. And their job as a mentor, is to be honest and to share what they're seeing – something MOST people won’t do, like our friends and our family won't and don't. 

Avoiding mistakes can save you time, money and a whole lot of future headaches (and heartache) too. (For an example of how this played out in my own business, watch the video!) 

Another way coaching can be powerful is in holding you accountable. I don't know about you but I struggle with staying consistent and accountable with practices that I know that are good for me and my business. So I have a mentor who I meet with every single week to go through my KPIs. 

KPIs are “Key Performance Indicators.” They're metrics that I track weekly because they create positive outcomes in the business. For example, one KPI is sending this email and blog every single week. Another KPI is booking at least one speaking engagement every week. Every week with my coach, I go through a slew of KPI’s to see what I accomplished that week, which helps me track performance over time.  

Another way a mentor can help you is with expanding yourself – stretching you into new realms that you might never have considered on your own. 

I have a a spiritual mentor who helps me with this, and who has helped me adopt new practices that I never would have NEVER tried on my own, and which I actually resisted. But she pushed and pressed and ultimately prevailed. Thank goodness. 

So, one of the great things about a coach can be that they show you new things that you never would have exposed to on your own and that end up becoming part of your life's journey. 

Another way a mentor or coach can be beneficial is by providing someone that you can model yourself after. 

One of my mentors back in 2014 was someone who had had much success with a retreat and group coaching/mastermind model. I had a HUGE breakthrough in his retreat and I left thinking, “I want to do this too.” 

So, I ended up enrolling in a program where I was able to work with him for the year, with the caveat that he would show me how to do what he'd done. Within 14 months, I had almost quadrupled my business. And not only that but I had a lot more freedom. I was able to even pack up my car and leave for a road trip around the whole country. 

Learning that business model liberated me from the “time for money” hamster wheel that I'd been on for over 7 years. And  you can't put a price tag on that type of result. 

So, having a coach that you can model yourself after can be incredibly beneficial and motivating.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a mentor is someone who believes in us, and sometimes we really need that. I know I did. 

Sometimes when we are questioning ourselves and don’t have the confidence or faith we need to try something new, or take bold action, a mentor can lend us THEIR faith. A mentor can reflect back to us the BEST that we are, can be, and what we're capable of.

Whether you ARE a mentor, or are CONSIDERING hiring one, I hope that this rundown of the power of mentoring helped you. 


Looking for support in building a sustainable, scalable, retreat-driven mentoring business model? Let’s talk! 

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