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The Superstar Scoop: How To Turn Your Passion Into A Business

Do you want to turn your passion into a business?

Building a business that aligns with what you love and deeply care about is one of the most rewarding endeavors you can undertake. And also one of the most challenging.

Here are 4 strategies I discovered (the hard way) on my own journey that I hope will support you. 

One: Create a Compelling Brand.

When I talk about a brand, I'm talking about the tangible aspects of a brand like the logo, the color schemes, the website, and the messaging, as well as the deeper layers like positioning, target audience, value proposition, price points and of course the BIGGER WHY that underpins everything else. 

Two: Build A Better Business Model

Now, I know this isn’t the sexiest topic, and in fact – like most people – I skipped right over it when I started my business. Back then, I just asked myself, “What would people pay me for?” and then offered myself AS my service. I ended up spending 7 years exchanging time for money because I never asked the better question: “What is the most effortless and joyful way for me to turn my MAGIC into MONEY?” 

If you have a big vision, you need a scalable model to go with it. And (IMHO) the best models have MONTHLY RECURRING REVENUES, which I consider “the holy grail” of business.

Three: Mind Your Mindset 

Your brand and business model are external constructs; your mindset, AKA your core beliefs and behaviors, are all YOU. And they have everything to do with your success. If you have a belief that work is hard, or that having a business is difficult, or that you have terrible luck, this is what you'll create for yourself. Similarly, if you believe work is play and that making money is easy breezy, you’ll likely have that experience instead. 

Do you have a belief, for example, that your target audience doesn't have or won’t spend any money? If you believe that, chances are that's what you'll keep coming up against. As entrepreneurs it’s essential that we examine our own beliefs and cultivate empowering beliefs rather than disempowering ones. 

Four: Recruit Mentorship 

The last thing you absolutely must have, in my opinion, is guidance.

A mentor who has done what you want to do can show you the way and help you avoid the pitfalls, challenges, and obstacles that you'll inevitably run into. 

Now, it might sound self-serving since I am a coach. But I truly believe in coaching, that’s why I have mentors in every area of my own life in which I seek growth and expansion.  

So, even if it's not me, consider finding someone you trust and respect who can help you as you embark on this journey of greater alignment, joy and PASSION. 


If this is something that resonates with you and you would like to find out if and how I might support you, visit superstaractivator.com/go and book a call with me to connect and explore. 

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