The Superstar Scoop: 3 Ways To Start A Speech

Starting your speech is in my opinion the hardest part about speaking. In today’s article and video, I'm going to share 3 amazing ways to start any speech – and have the audience leaning in and wanting more.

If you don’t start off strong, you risk losing people and never being able to get them back. That’s why the beginning of any speech is the most important part. 

The first type of opening is the Dramatic Open. This opening begins with silence. You come out on stage, plant your feet and wait. Make eye contact and wait for the perfect moment to say something dramatic, interesting, scary or surprising. 

The second kind of opening is the Imagine Open. Like the Dramatic Open, you start with a dramatic pause, but instead of doing a surprising or scary statistic, you ask a question that's designed to get the people in the audience to get into the creative part of their brain, which gets them more open and intrigued for what you're going to say next.

The third kind of opening is the Story Open, which is pretty self-explanatory. Start off with a story right off the bat, and maybe even consider starting your story right in the MIDDLE. That’s a great way to grab attention. 

The last type of opening is a “bonus” opener because while it can stand alone, you can also add it onto any of the previous openings. It’s the Promise Open. In this opening, you make a powerful promise that gets the audience excited and in a state of anticipation about the rest of your speech. So, what that might look like is, “My promise to you is by the time you leave here you'll __________ (have this outcome).” You can use this as a standalone, or as a transition after any of the other openings into your content. 


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