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The Superstar Scoop: What Are The 5 Areas Of Personal Development?

Are you firing on all cylinders?

Are you maximizing your fullest potential as a human?

Would you like to accomplish more — AND feel more joy and empowerment as you do it?

This week’s video and article are about how to uplevel in the 5 key areas (which I call “layers”) of Personal Development.

This topic is near and dear to my heart, because I’ve learned that when I’M emotionally, physically, and spiritually aligned, everything ELSE in my life improves in lockstep.

DISCLAIMER: What I'm sharing here today is my personal conceptualizarían of personal development, not a scientific construct or psychological theory, it's simply how I view personal development in a practical way so I can help myself (and my clients) evolve and transform.

First off, I see personal development in 5 “layers,” and each layer is critically important to our “success” — and by “success” I mean full activation of your potential. If one area is lacking, then all areas of your personal development are affected.

The reason I call the 5 areas “layers” is because they stack upon each other and are all connected. I see them in my mind’s eye as starting from the inner layers and moving outward.

The 1st layer is the physical layer, your body.

This first layer is our life force energy and now we feel physically. What creates this energy is how we fuel ourselves: the food that we eat, how well we sleep, the air we breathe, the water we drink, how we move our bodies, and everything else related to our physical self-care.

The 2nd layer is the emotional layer, which some call your “emotional body.”

This layer is closely related to the physical layer, as how we feel in our bodies can influence our emotional state

Our emotional center is the heart. Science has discovered that our heart pumps out a wave of energy — energy that can be measured. That wave that the heart pumps out is encoded with our emotional state. Put simply: we are projecting our emotions out of our body and other people can feel that!

The 3rd layer is our mental self, or our intellectual mind.

We project our thoughts out into the world through our actions, our words, and our creations, and it is the mind that “organizes” such efforts and initiatives.

That third layer is also closely tied into our emotions because our emotions are what cause us to take action towards some creation or action. Emotion = energy in motion

The 4th layer is social-relational.

The social or relational layer is the one that reflects our relationships and interactions with others, including our relationships with families, friends, clients, and others in the world. This layer requires optimal communication and agreement-making (like boundaries) and is closely tied to the mind, which helps us to formulate, express, and uphold these agreements.

The 5th layer is your spiritual self.

This last layer is the spiritual realm and is related to our relationship with that which is beyond us. When you study different religions, and even quantum physics, you see that we're not separate from each other at all.

We're actually entangled and  intertwined with each other and so that layer of spirituality is what is bigger than us, what is beyond us and what connects us all to each other.

The important element of this is to understand that all of these layers interact, work and rely on each other. The key to personal development is to have all of your layers in a positive space, and to be self aware enough to notice when one or more are not optimal

Think of it like this, if we're feeling tired, unfueled, sick (our physical layer) that's going to directly impact our emotional state which might impact our mental state and we might have anxiety, we might be less inclined to create something in the world, which might impact how we relate to other people and also the relationship we have with the divine.

So, these layers are not distinct, they're not separate from each other. They operate together and so when you want to develop yourself, when you want to improve your life, you want to look at all of the layers, and most importantly where are you strongest.

Here are a few questions to consider:

– Which of the 5 areas are really dialed in

– In which area or areas are you weak? Where are you struggling?

Chances are the areas in which you are struggling are affecting other areas of your personal development.

When you really focus on the integration of all 5 of these areas, then everything  uplevels and uplifts. 


If you're interested in  personal development and especially if you're a personal development coach or expert looking to build and grow your business, let's connect.

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