Which of the 5 core business functions are you focusing on this year?

When was the last time you put some focus on the foundational aspects of your business?

You already know your vision and theme for the new year. You may be well underway mapping out goals and objectives for the first quarter. But before you get too deep into what's to come, why not put a little focus on your core business functions? Remember, if the foundation isn't secure, it's going to be a challenge to build anything on top of it.

Take a look at the following list of core business functions and be honest about how you think you're performing in each segment.

  • Marketing & Sales: This is what you're selling, how you're promoting, who you're selling to and for how much.
  • Financial & Money: This is how you're managing and tracking your money, using it, budgeting it and forecasting.
  • Mindset & Leadership: The smaller your business, the more mindset is going to affect every piece of the puzzle. How are you showing up? What's your attitude? Are you energy-rich, or energy-depleted?
  • Distribution & Delivery: This is the space for systems, tools, and tech; SOPs, processes, and operations to deliver the best client experiences and outcomes.
  • Team & People: Is your team in alignment? Are you operating with a cohesive vision? Does everyone know their roles and responsibilities?

Once you have a sense of how well you’re operating, ask yourself what you’d like to do in each of these categories. What do you want to change, expand, or revise for 2019? Maybe it’s time to introduce new programs, produce a podcast, or write a book.

Whatever your goals, remember to consider your stage of business. If you’re just starting out, it might make the most sense to put more time into marketing or sales. If you’re in a mature stage, you may want to focus on optimizing operations for your team.

Taking the time to assess your core business functions now will save you time, money and energy as you work to achieve your big dreams for 2019 and beyond.


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