Have You Outgrown Your Strategy?

Have you outgrown your strategy?

Hey Superstar!

This past weekend I was back in Miami for a half day workshop called Align! Monetize Your Magic. During the event, one of the attendees had a big “a-ha! moment” about her business. Or perhaps it was more of an “uh-oh moment.”

You see, she’d built herself a great business – a lucrative one in a niche she loves. However, over the course of the years building the business, it turned out she was happy, but not totally fulfilled.

What happened was that as she grew her business, she also evolved and expanded. However, her business strategy hadn’t quite kept pace with the more evolved and expanded version of her that building this business had created. In other words, as she grew, she wanted different things, but hadn’t quite connected those new needs and desires with a new strategy. That’s a recipe for frustration and disillusionment. As they say: “what got you here won’t get you there.”

One of the biggest breakthroughs in my business came from shifting my strategy (via my business model) to align with the lifestyle that I deeply desired – one with more travel, freedom and deeper client relationships. My new strategy not only changed my life and (close to) quadrupled my revenues, but also aligned me further with my purpose on this planet. Good stuff.

Is your business strategy aligned with your true strengths, values, vision and purpose? If not, then perhaps it’s time to bring a little alignment into your life..

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