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#06. Alexis Neely – Healing Unconscious Wounds and Taming our Triggers

Alexis Neely - Awaken Your Inner Superstar - Episode ArtIn this episode I interview Alexis Neely (artist name Ali Shanti). Alexis is a bestselling author and frequent guest on numerous talk shows and news broadcasts.

After graduating summa cum laude from Georgetown Law, she went on to build her own law practice into a million-dollar a year firm in just 3 years. And then realized she was miserable.

Hear her story of how she completely turned around her life and brought it into alignment with her authentic self – while building 2 more million-dollar businesses – is epic. And as she tells the story, she drops truth bomb after truth bomb (no joke, I took 8 pages of notes!) about ways to develop the kind of self-awareness and self-acceptance that lead to joy, prosperity and fulfillment in your business and life.

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“Everything we see outside of ourselves is a reflection of our own internal consciousness” – Alexis Neely

Show Notes:

  • How we tend to make many of our life choices based on unconscious wounds we carry with us from our past
  • Avoiding reactivity: Learning to step back and make a different choice
  • How learning to safely feel our bad feelings will prevent them from exploding
  • Discovering the masculine and feminine aspects that live within you
  • Entrepreneurial models
  • Alexis's long-term goals
  • How to give your desires appropriate attention and permission

“Every business problem is an opportunity for you to see something that you are not seeing in yourself.” – Alexis Neely

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“It is part of our cultural collective that we have not been taught that it is safe to feel.” – Alexis Neely

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