#11. Andy Henriquez – Unlocking the Power of Story to Influence, Inspire, and Educate

Andy Henriquez on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle VillalobosOnce upon a time… I interviewed a fantastic guest on my podcast named Andy Henriquez!

Andy is an expert storyteller who helps people strategically transform their everyday stories into powerful tools to elevate their brand, create more connection and wield more influence. Clients include the Office Depot Foundation, Accenture, Pratt & Whitney, and Bacardi, to name a few.

In this interview, we learn the (very strange) reason why telling stories is SO much more effective than any other method of creating connection and influence. And we learn how to strategically CHOOSE the right story for every occasion, then the key ways to develop and refine them into their most potent forms. Then, Andy workshops a simple every day story LIVE and turns it into a masterpiece before your very eyes — or ears, I guess. 

This episode is super information rich! It contains everything you need to begin mining your own experiences for storytelling gold. As Andy likes to say, note-takers are money-makers, and I think that is absolutely applicable to this episode!

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“Facts tell, but stories sell!” – Andy Henriquez

Show Notes:

  • How stories are much more effective for connecting with people than facts and details.
  • Why the descendants of storytellers were naturally selected.
  • How we can use storytelling to influence, inspire, and educate.
  • How to find and develop your signature story: look for challenges, transitions, and defining moments in your life.
  • Finding the universal theme of your story
  • DEMONSTRATION: Andy workshops Michelle’s story
  • The component parts of a story: context, conflict, and conclusion.
  • Andy’s own story

“Never make a point without telling a story and never tell a story without making a point.” – Les Brown

Links Mentioned:

Facebook | Twitter | Andy Henriquez

“Sometimes your biggest challenges are going to be you versus you.” – Andy Henriquez

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