Destinee Berman on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle Villalobos

#44. Destinee Berman – How To Start or Move Your Coaching Business Online

Destinee Berman on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle VillalobosOne of the best ways to scale your business is to offer your “in-person” content online in the form of classes, webinars, live-streams, etc. However, many Superstars find migrating online to be overwhelming (including me!) Never fear, today's interview with Destinee Berman will make it all seem much more manageable.

Destinee is the “behind the scenes” visionary behind some of the most widely recognized online schools in the intuitive, healing and spiritual arts spaces, which is a bit surprising because before doing this work, she spent 15 years in Silicon Valley, managing marketing for clients like Twitter, HP, and Microsoft! Talk about a career turnaround (which we'll talk about too).

In 2014, she left it all to be true to herself, her heritage and her soul’s purpose by becoming a spiritual entrepreneur and the launch manager behind brands like the Urban Priestess™ Mystery School, created by Ashley Turner and Sianna Sherman, and Debra Silverman’s wildly successful Applied Astrology Online School.

What I love about Destinee is that she’s super strategic, business-focused and matter-of-fact, while at the same time being totally intuitive and spiritual. In this interview, we dive into what it takes to successfully launch a spiritual brand and business online, from a very practical and pragmatic perspective.

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“If you’re clear on what it is you’re putting out there, the potential to attract your desired tribe and the people that you really love: it’s so available.” – Destinee Berman

Show Notes:

  • The main problems – both known and unknown – that prevent ​superstars from successfully taking their businesses online
  • ​Strategies​ and tools​ ​you can use to ​start leveraging technology to market and deliver programs
  • Why live-streaming content is so important for ​your ​online businesses​
  • How Destinee​ to build your team to support — but not get ahead off — your business growth
  • ​The importance of mentorship in growing your business (and some surprising ways to find mentors)
  • ​How to get started — some easy initial steps to taking your business online

“In the beginning, you’re going to feel like a toddler again and that it’s really about making progress rather than perfection.” – Destinee Berman

Links Mentioned:

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“It was really from all the inner practices, the meditation, the yoga, really going deep into that that gave me the clarity that said ‘OK, this is really what I want to do!’” – Destinee Berman

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