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#27. Dolores Hirschmann – How To Land & Leverage Your TEDx Talk

If you've ever wondered how you could get on the TED stage (and leverage it for your business), you're going to find this episode interesting!

My guest, TEDx organizer Dolores Hirschmann will teach you how land a TEDx talk, how to structure it for maximum clarity, and how to leverage it on the back end for more visibility, credibility and profitability.

On top of curating one of the best TedX events in the country, Dolores is also a “Clarity Coach” who helps companies and entrepreneurs understand their “big message” and wrap their entire marketing strategy around it to resonate with their ideal clients. She leverages the TEDx platform to turn successful professionals into thought-leaders in their fields.

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“The action will only last as long as the fear in their body. The inspiration will last longer.” – Dolores Hirschmann

Show Notes:

  • What is an “idea worth spreading” and how to reframe YOUR message into one
  • What TedX curators are looking for in their speakers, and how to craft your message to appeal to them
  • The wisdom of bringing up negative emotions in a TedX talk
  • How to land your spot on a TEDx stage
  • Why not all TEDx events are created equal (and what you need to watch out for when you apply)
  • How you can leverage the TedX stage to reshape your business

“Any decision I take from fear is never a good decision.” – Dolores Hirschmann

How to structure your TED talk for Maximum Clarity:

  1. Make your audience care about what you’re going to talk about
  2. Present your idea
  3. Introduce yourself
  4. Show them the evidence and reveal the severity of the problem
  5. Remind them of your idea
  6. Paint the new reality of a world in which your idea is implemented
  7. Invite them to take action

Links Mentioned:

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“Whether you’re ever going to get on a stage or not, just writing that brief, concrete, under 18-minute talk with a lot of clarity will completely transform your business.” – Dolores Hirschmann

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