Kelsey Ramsden on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle Villalobos

#26. Kelsey Ramsden – “Futureproof” Your Business & Rewrite Your “Default” Future

Kelsey Ramsden on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle Villalobos

A lot of us approach the future as something to be controlled as much as possible. Problem is, life often has other plans for us. Instead of trying to control every little thing and manage for every eventuality, my guest this week, Kelsey Ramsden, says that a better solution is to “Futureproof” yourself.

Futureproofing is a way of being; a daily practice to change the stifling desire for certainty and fear of the unknown that are (whether you know it or not!) preventing you from moving to the next level. If you are stuck in any kind of rut, this interview will help you jumpstart your innovation and expand anew.

Kelsey Ramsden is a former straight C-student who went on to build multiple multimillion dollar businesses and has been named Canada’s top female entrepreneur 2 years in a row. She walks us through the process of stoking your creative fires, working around our fear-avoidant natures, and having more FUN in the process. 

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“The orgasm of the entrepreneur is the ‘A-ha!’” – Kelsey Ramsden

Show Notes:

  • Identify your “default future” — and the ONE way to circumvent it
  • “Futureproofing:” what it is and why it’s important
  • Steps to futureproof your business
  • How we can get around our fear-avoidant human nature
  • Learn to move forward when you get stuck in neutral

“No business plan survives contact with the market” – Michelle Villalobos

Links Mentioned:

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“Your well-hatched plan conceived locked in your basement that was going to change your world, didn’t turn out to change your world. How about getting the world involved in the change?” – Kelsey Ramsden

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