Kendall SummerHawk on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle Villalobos

#20. Kendall SummerHawk – Put On Your Crown and Raise Your Prices!

Kendall SummerHawk on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle VillalobosIf you are a small business owner thinking about raising your prices or starting to offer a high-end premium package, this episode is for you!

My guest, Kendall SummerHawk founded the #1 certified business and money coach training school for women. Her trainings empower them to create lucrative coaching business that they are 100% in love with. She runs a 7-figure business and her teachings have won her 9 Stevie awards.

In this interview, we discuss why it's important to raise your prices and how to conquer the fear of doing so. We discuss several techniques that make it much easier and more successful when you do it.

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“It’s time to put on your crown!” – Kendall’s mom

Show Notes:

  • It may be scary, but raising your prices is worth it
  • What gets in the way of charging what you are worth
  • Use “stair-stepping” to raise your rates with ease
  • How a shift in her mindset and simplification of her business model increased Kendall’s income tremendously
  • Huge money can have a huge impact — in the hands of people with huge vision
  • Kendall’s thoughts on payment plans

“It’s almost impossible to make a huge impact in the world and change a lot of peoples’ lives and NOT make a lot of money.” – Kendall SummerHawk

Links Mentioned:

Facebook | LinkedIn | Kendall SummerHawk

“Having more money doesn’t change who we are. What it does is it magnifies who we are.” – Kendall SummerHawk

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