#01. Mike Michalowicz – Best-selling Author, Founder of Multimillion Dollar Companies and “Handsome Young Man”

I'm so excited to introduce to you my very first guest on Awaken Your Inner Superstar, Mike Michalowicz.

Mike is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and the founder of three multi-million dollar companies. He has written several popular books which includeThe Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, dubbed “the entrepreneur's cult classic” by BusinessWeek.

Mike was also the small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal, and is the former business makeover specialist on MSNBC.

In this episode we discuss how to sell without feeling “icky,” how to manage the cashflow of your business so that you make PROFITS from the very next dollar earned, and how to shamelessly promote yourself like a superstar!

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“It doesn’t matter what your vocation or career is: it can’t be icky, it’s gotta be sticky.” – Mike Michalowicz

Show Notes:

  • How to sell your product without feeling icky…. Persuasion vs manipulation
  • About Mike’s “Profit First” cash management system
  • How Mike came up with the profit first system
  • How limited access to resources can force you to be more innovative
  • How to delegate effectively: empowering your employees to make decisions autonomously
  • About Mike’s forthcoming book
  • How to come up with a compelling book title
  • How to use your mother to market yourself
  • Mike's marketing hacks
  • What being a superstar means to Mike
  • BONUS CONTENT: Mike sings and plays “Wish You Were Here”

“If you don’t know what liverwurst is, it stands for horrible; it’s the direct translation.” – Mike Michalowicz

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“What we have to realize is that our behavior adjusts based upon the supply. This is true for toothpaste… and it applies absolutely to money.” – Mike Michalowicz

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