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#38. Michelle Villalobos – The 5 Key Components of A “Superstar” Brand

Superstar Brand on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle VillalobosBranding is where I really got my start in business. Over the years, I learn more and more about it and as I learn, I realize how much bigger and deeper this topic is that I could have ever predicted.

We will never get to the bottom of branding– and certainly not on one podcast episode. But what we will do is nail down the elements of branding that will help you immediately with your business' inbound marketing.

In this episode, I share my own experiences in building my brand, as well as a simple yet robust roadmap for building your own brand. This information will help you attract more business with more grace and ease and feel more authentic and self-expressed in your business.

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“Your brand is your business, persona, or identity, strategically created, designed, and deployed for public consumption” – Michelle Villalobos

Show Notes:

  • The REAL definition of “branding”
  • The importance of authenticity (and what gets in the way)
  • How incongruence ruins brands
  • The distinction between branding and marketing
  • The 5 Key Components of Branding

“The problem with branding is that we often try to fit ourselves into a box— a box that doesn’t suit us well. Compelling branding is about creating your own box or better yet, getting out of the box altogether and creating a platform— one that lets you shine in all your glory!” – Michelle Villalobos

The 5 Key Components of A Superstar Brand:

  1. The Inner Work
  2. The Higher Work
  3. The Creative Work
  4. The Strategic Work
  5. The Execution Work

Links Mentioned:

“Your brand is not your website, but your website is a showcase for your band. Your brand is not your logo, but your logo is an element of your brand.” – Michelle Villalobos

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