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#31. The Business Model Episode – How to Build a Sustainable, Scalable Business (Without Sacrificing Your Health or Lifestyle)

Business Model on Awaken Your Inner SuperstarI get super excited about business models, but not just because studying them is a nerdy passion of mine. In this solo episode with yours truly, you'll learn how your business model can completely catapult your revenues AND help you to live a more fulfilled, prosperous lifestyle.

As a result of rethinking my own business model, I was not only able to embark on a nomadic lifestyle (dream come true), I also quadrupled my income, and was able to focus on my self-care, health and well-being for the first time in many many years. By changing your model, you can release time to focus on what matters to YOU.

Tune in to learn about what makes some business models WAY better than others, and how to transition from where you are to where you want to be. You'll also get tools to optimize your own model for a better lifestyle, more money, and a bigger impact.

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“Your business model is the mechanism by which you turn your magic into money.” – Michelle Villalobos

 Show Notes:

  • What is a business model and why is it important?
  • 3 key components of a great Superstar model
  • The joys of Monthly Recurring Revenues (MRRs)
  • Learn to leverage your resources for maximal results with minimal effort
  • Develop standard operating proceedures to simplify and automate repeated tasks
  • The best business models for Superstars

“Your business model impacts your lifestyle because it impacts what you spend your time doing. The right model can release time so that you can enjoy yourself more, grow more, and invest in the things that you love to do while letting go of the things you don’t love to do.” – Michelle Villalobos

Links Mentioned:

“Wherever you are today, if it’s not where you want to be: that’s ok! Think about where you do want to get to and call that your Phase III. Today is Phase I. What you need to figure out is: what is the Phase II that will get you from here to there?” – Michelle Villalobos

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