The Lifestyle Episode on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle Villalobos

#23. The Lifestyle Episode – Building A Business That Honors & Supports Your LIFE

Lifestyle on Awaken Your Inner SuperstarDo you ever feel like your business has taken over your life?

Or that your life only exists in the time “left over” once your work is done (which, if you're like me, it never is)?

Does your business suck you dry, rather than fill you up?

If any of these sound like you, then this episode is FOR you.

What Michelle learned (the hard way) was that as long as work came first, she didn't have a life, which made her sick, tired and only moderately successful. But in 2014 she had an urgent wake up call that forced her to focus on her health – both physical and emotional.

14 months later, she was healthier, happier, had a lifestyle she LOVED and – surprisingly – her business quadrupled to over 7 figures. 

In this episode Michelle shares 9 breakthrough strategies she discovered during this process. These 9 strategies will enable you to build a business that honors and supports your life – and not just a life in the spaces left over around your business, but a FULL and FULFILLING life that you love.

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“Joy and fulfillment today can help lead to success and rewards tomorrow and forever.” – Michelle Villalobos

Show Notes:

  • Michelle's Uh-oh to A-ha story of hitting rock bottom… and turning it around
  • The 9 Lifestyle Breakthroughs
    • Defining YOUR Ideal Lifestyle
    • Clarity of VISION & DESIRE
    • Boundaries
    • Parkinson’s Law & Horstman’s corollary
    • The “Once-I” Trap
    • Success ≠ Sacrifice
    • Abundance vs. Accumulation
    • Self-Care Comes First
    • The Importance of Environment

“Whose definition of success are you defaulting to?” – Michelle Villalobos

Links Mentioned:

  • Download my free worksheet to work through some big questions that I guarantee will help you to live a more abundant, exciting, joyful, and free lifestyle.

“Our boundaries are the way we honor our values in our day-to-day life.” – Michelle Villalobos

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