#02. Alina Villasante – The Challenges and Inspirations in Building a Global Lifestyle Brand

Alina Villasante is the founder and designer of the lifestyle brand, Peace Love World, and an advocate of loving and inspiring every person to be their best self.

Born in Cuba, raised in New York and Miami-based, Alina found her purpose in the world of fashion after 17 years in the Aviation business. She founded Peace Love World in 2009 and since then it has grown into the influential multimillion dollar brand it is today – just recently landing a coveted spot on QVC.

Alina recognized that everyone was starving for the same thing: peace love and happiness. She decided to make it her mission to find a window to the world where she can inspire people to not only feel loved, but to love others. She found her voice for positive energy and affirmations, and used clothes as the canvas to spread this message.

Tune in as we discuss business strategies and tactics, Alina’s behind-the-scenes struggles, challenges, heartbreaks, and much more.

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“What could you say about yesterday if you didn’t enjoy it because you were waiting for tomorrow?” – Alina Villasante

Show Notes:

  • The history and message of the Peace Love World brand
  • Alina's superstar story
  • What life was like growing up as a child of Cuban immigrants
  • How to create your freedom
  • The importance of focusing on joy, passion and gifts
  • How your biggest challenges can turn into opportunities
  • Alina’s vision for the future of Peace Love World
  • Inspirational mentors who guide and teach Alina
  • Favorite books

“Your darkest days can be your best tools to sit back and keep trying because you never really lose until you quit.” – Alina Villasante

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“You have right now what you prayed for last year and maybe now you want different things, but don’t forget what you were given.” – Alina Villasante

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