Claudia Chan on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle Villalobos

#09. Claudia Chan – From Fluff to Feminism and Entertainment to Empowerment

Claudia Chan on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle VillalobosAll over the globe, women are speaking up, stepping up and shaking up the status quo. My guest on this show is one of those women. Claudia Chan is the founder and CEO of S.H.E. Global Media, an initiative to help Fortune 1000 companies accelerate their diversity initiatives and achieve gender parity by 2030.

In this interview we discuss her new book, This Is How We Rise, and this “3rd Wave of Feminism,” in which women honor their feminine nature, empower each other, rise above “victim” status and step into being agents of change in their communities, companies and countries.

I hope that this interview leaves you as inspired and motivated as it did me! Enjoy.

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“The 2000s were the Sex and The City, shopping party, fluff era where women and shopping and cocktails and girls-night-outs were the main offering out there and form of entertainment. Today it’s all about empowerment.” – Claudia Chan

Show Notes:

  • The current state of “feminism”
  • Femininity as an asset in the workplace
  • How empowered women are agents of change
  • The common “victim mentality” that doesn't serve women, and what it takes to rise above
  • The role of the media in forwarding gender equality
  • About Claudia’s new book, This is How We Rise

“All the things that you have experienced, your natural born skills, are all for you to bring you closer to a greater purpose in life.” – Claudia Chan

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“Women are the greatest untapped resource in our world.” – Claudia Chan

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