Roger Hamilton on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle Villalobos

#34. Roger Hamilton – Find Your “Flow” for More Freedom, Fortune, Fulfillment & FUN!!

Roger Hamilton on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle VillalobosIn this episode, you’ll learn how to experience more grace, ease, and prosperity by aligning your work with your natural “flow” state.

These days we have a problem — especially among entrepreneurs. We've all been fed this myth that hard work, hustle and sacrifice are good and how we SHOULD be operating, all the time. Our culture has a work ethic that's pretty much: “work as hard as you possibly can and some day (maybe) you'll be rewarded by being ‘successful' and ‘happy.'” As a result, we wear our busy-ness like a badge of honor and swap war stories about how little sleep we've gotten and how hard it all is.

My guest on this episode (my hero and idol!), Robert James Hamilton, will tell you that working harder is NEVER the solution; success is all about finding your FLOW.

Roger is a social entrepreneur living in Bali where he’s growing 3 businesses, all committed to the global growth of the entrepreneur movement. In this interview, we discuss how entrepreneurs can generate wealth more easily by aligning their business with 1 of 8 approaches that map onto different business models. It sounds complicated — it isn't. It's really really simple. This philosophy (and the system that goes with it, called Wealth Dynamics) has been fundamental to my growth and success as an entrepreneur, it has been fundamental to my clients' growth and success, and I’m SO excited to share it with you!

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“Stars are meant to shine but they’re meant to shine outwards, they’re not meant to shine inwards. When they shine inwards they explode.” – Roger Hamilton

Show Notes:

  • Why and how your personality must align with your business model for the easiest and best outcomes
  • Why when you're launching something new, it's usually better to sell it first and figure it out later
  • Why (and how) to hire helpers early in the process of launching a company or venture
  • The ONE simple skill can help you handle difficult situations with grace and ease
  • How to join Roger’s entrepreneur movement
  • Robert’s most important advice for superstars, creators and leaders

“That’s the power of the way we’re going at the moment: It’s not like one big Titanic where we all have to listen to one voice, but a fleet of ships where we can all join whichever is the right fleet that’s moving us toward our purpose.” – Roger Hamilton

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Facebook | Twitter | Roger James Hamilton

“For me, the definition of a good entrepreneur is one that achieves their dreams with the least effort possible.” – Roger Hamilton

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