Jake Merriman on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle Villalobos

#55. Jake Merriman – Transform Your Business (With The Power of Love)

Jake Merriman on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle VillalobosIn this show, Michelle interviews one of her mentors, Jake Merriman, the CEO and visionary leader of the San Francisco-based and globally-oriented leadership catalyzer, Abundant.is. Over the past decade, Jake has devoted himself to learning from masters of personal development and business development, and bringing it together in the form of leadership development for young leaders and game-changers — like Michelle — who are leading the businesses and business cultures of a new era.

In this interview, Jake shares insights about building abundant relationships, and Jake and Michelle take a few trips down memory lane to uncover some of the key “inflection points” in their respective journeys of awakening to purpose, passion and high performance.

Join them for a deeply soulful conversation about abundant relationships, abundance in general, the future of humanity, and the role of love and trust in business.


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“The greatest thing a leader can ever do for themselves and their community is to figure out a way to love themselves. If we’re able to love ourselves, we’re able to move up the scale of abundant leadership and we’re able to create more.” – Jake Merriman

Show Notes:

  • The key elements that make abundant relationships “abundant”
  • Why love is essential in business
  • How to lead yourself (and why you must do this in order to effectively lead others)
  • How Jake helped Michelle turn her life and business around
  • What it means to take 100% responsibility for your life
  • The core tenets of “crew”
  • How Jake cultivated his own leadership
  • What feminine energy looks like in leadership, and how to tap into your feminine energy (even if you're a man!)

“Scarcity only exists because fear exists in the emotional spectrum of human consciousness.” – Jake Merriman

Links Mentioned:

LinkedIn | Abundant

“Often times, if we are judging, telling the truth is not going to be well-received.” – Jake Merriman

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