Nancy Allen on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle Villalobos

#66. Nancy Allen – How Woman And Minority-Owned Businesses Can Land Lucrative Government And Corporate Contracts

Nancy Allen on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle VillalobosDid you know that the government and large corporations are actively seeking out woman-owned and minority-owned businesses to feed contracts to?

In this episode, Nancy Allen, president and CEO of the Women’s Business Development Counsel of Florida (a.k.a. Her Company Inc.) shares how women, minorities and other special groups can take advantage of programs to legally certify their business to qualify for large (even huge!) contracts with the government and large corporations.

You'll learn about the wide variety of certifications you may qualify for as well as what it takes to actually generate business from a designation. A certification is not just a piece of paper to hang on your wall!

In addition to her position as President and CEO of the Women’s Business Development Council of Florida, (AKA: Her Company, Inc.), Nancy is an international speaker, coach, and consultant who has dedicated her career to connecting and championing women in business, and this interview is a great synthesis of several tools and strategies to help women-owned (and minority-owned) businesses grow. Enjoy!

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“When women do well, their communities do well, their cities do well, everybody does well. Women tend to, on average, invest back into the community at a greater rate than men.” – Michelle Villalobos

Show Notes:

  • Why the government and big companies are seeking out contracts with women-owned and minority-owned businesses
  • Who qualifies for certification?
  • How certification can generate business
  • The advantage of qualifying for multiple designations
  • Why the certification process need not be intimidating
  • Why everyone who qualifies should consider getting certified

“A lot of people who get certified come back to us and say ‘the process made me a better business owner!’” – Nancy Allen

Links Mentioned:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Her Company Inc.

“I have seen some of our members who have started off as second-tier suppliers become prime contractors because it opened a door for managers and decision makers to see who they are and what they’re capable of.” – Nancy Allen

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