Mara Glazer on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle Villalobos

#33. Mara Glazer – “The World’s Best Female Copy Writer”

Mara Glazer on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle VillalobosIf you want learn to write great marketing and sales copy, then you are in the right place!

In this episode, I speak with Mara Glazer, who has been called the world's best female copywriter (don't worry, I asked her how she felt about the qualifier “female,” lol). Mara brings us a dazzling array of practical tips and tricks, as well as career advice that will help you on your path to marketing mastery. You'll hear how Mara got to where she is today, having overcome a difficult childhood to become the inspirational figure she is now. You'll also learn about the #1 game-changing skill that enables Mara to make money any moment she needs to. That's pretty awesome.

Mara has been featured on numerous major news outlets and has coached and inspired thousands to start and grow their own businesses online. She is the co-owner of the “Sales That Don't Suck” consulting business.

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“If you do too many things, you’ll never do anything with excellence or success.” – Mara’s dad

Show Notes:

  • Why great copy is ESSENTIAL — and what makes copy “great”
  • A special trick to focus your copy and make it REALLY resonate with people
  • How you can hone your copywriting skills
  • Mara’s one-two punch copywriting technique
  • What it was like for Mara to grow up in the shadow of her extremely successful and famous father
  • The importance of mentors in Mara’s career
  • Tricks, tips, and techniques for leads that don’t suck
  • Common challenges and how you can avoid them

“Go find your red pen person!” – Mara Glazer

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“If a grade-school reject whose teachers told her she wouldn’t be successful can do it, you can really do it, too.” – Mara Glazer

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