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#47. Forget Marketing… Try Speaking! How You Can Use Speaking To Attract Inbound Business

Speaking on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle VillalobosIf you know me at all, then you know I do a lot of marketing — podcast, email marketing, blogging, facebook posts and more. But of all the things I do, SPEAKING is the thing that drives the biggest results.

What I personally love about speaking as a marketing strategy is that (when you do it right) there’s no need to be salesy or pushy… when you deliver tremendous value, the business “percolates” up naturally and easily. People just want more of that. There’s no convincing or cajoling, it's natural (especially if you have the right packages and bundles to offer on the back end).

In this episode, I share how YOU can use speaking to build your business too. I cover 8 key elements to ensure your presentations resonate and create results for your audiences — and for your own business.

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“Information is not transformation!” – Michelle Villalobos

Show Notes:

  • How speaking can change your business forever
  • The story of the beginning of my speaking career
  • How you can start using speaking as marketing: 8 areas to focus on

“Like they say about women in childbirth, they forget about it afterwards because they’re so in love with the baby. That’s kinda how I felt after I gave my first speaking engagement.” – Michelle Villalobos

8 Areas To Focus On To Make An Awesome Presentation:

  1. Get clear about your intention with speaking
  2. Know your audience and message
  3. Consider the format of your presentation
  4. Develop a great title and subtitle
  5. Hone Your Structure and Mechanics
  6. Get some materials for booking
  7. How to get booked
  8. Develop your call to action

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“What I love about speaking is that you can do it on a small scale and still generate great results and the more you do it and the more practiced you become the better you are at communicating your message.” – Michelle Villalobos

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