Chris Kyle on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle Villalobos

#57. Chris Kyle – Create A Transformational (And Profitable!) Online Course

Chris Kyle on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle VillalobosIf you’re an author, speaker, consultant, or any kind of expert and have been toying with the idea of creating an online course, you’re going to want to soak this interview up!

In this episode I speak with Chris Kyle, creator of Launch Academy, about how to package your expertise, knowledge, and experience into an online course that’s both transformational AND profitable. Chris shares strategies and a process for turning your pre-existing content into an online course, while avoiding common pitfalls in online course design.

You’re going to definitely want to take notes for this one as it’s really packed with great information.

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“Trust your voice, trust the content! The way you offer your content and the way you talk about it is unique to you and it’s golden when it reflects who you are.” – Chris Kyle

Show Notes:

  • Determine if your content is a good fit for an online course
  • The importance of having a “transformational arc” for your students, and how to map one out quickly
  • Biggest mistakes people make when designing online courses
  • 2 fundamental areas to address when crafting your course
  • How to price your course competitively
  • Chris’s simple and powerful marketing framework for online programs
  • The best tools and platforms for delivering your course

“You need to find partners — aligned marketing partners, affiliate partners — it’s still the number one way to get new people on your list and to get people signed into your webinar.” – Chris Kyle

Online Course / CRM Platforms:

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“Remember, you’re building your program for the A-student. You do not build a program for a D-student.” – Chris Kyle

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