Lois Creamer on Awaken Your Inner Superstar with Michelle Villalobos

#56. Lois Creamer – How To Earn A Living As A Professional Speaker

If you are interested in putting yourself out there as a professional speaker, listen up!

In this episode, I speak with Lois Creamer, Author of Book More Business. Lois is a recognized expert in the speaking industry who specializes in helping speakers book more engagements, make more money from those engagements, and fully monetize their intellectual property. Lois’s clients include heavy-hitters such as Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield, Sales Bible author Jeffrey Gitomer, and C-Suite Network chairman Jeffrey Hayzlett.

I can't wait for you to listen to this powerful, information-packed interview! Enjoy!

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“You have to think to yourself, why would IBM pay to take all of their employees away from their desks, put them in front of you for an hour, two hours, three hours, whatever the time is, and invest in you? Merely telling an entertaining story isn’t enough: you have to have high content.” – Lois Creamer

Show Notes:

  • What it takes to start making money as a speaker
  • What makes a speech great
  • Why you shouldn’t become a speaker
  • What to do after you have developed a great speech
  • Why it pays to go after niche markets
  • The best way to connect with your target audience
  • The elements of a great positioning statement
  • Lois’ story about how she got into professional speaking

“I think that the ability to tell a great story is the sugar that makes the medicine go down. A great story is what should make your point really memorable to people.” – Lois Creamer

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“When you try and share everything, you end up sharing nothing. No one will remember anything you said if you talk too much.” – Lois Creamer

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